Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operation hours of the Health Department?
Our Health Department and call center are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

What is MRC?
MRC is the Medical Reserve Corps. The MRC volunteers are individuals who have certain skills pertaining to health care. They will serve as a team during emergencies to help the community. We are always taking volunteers and providing training. Please click the MRC link on the home page to sign up.

What is a LINCS Agency?
This emergency notification system is part of a larger national and state communication system, maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health, known as the New Jersey Local Information Network and Communication System or NJ-LINCS.NJLINCS is a system of public health professionals and electronic public health information that enhance the identification and containment of diseases and hazardous conditions that threaten the public’s health. The LINCS agency is how the PHENS messages provided for the health department to send to residents.

What is PHENS?
PHENS is the Public Health Emergency Network System. PHENS is apart of being a LINCS agency. New Jersey state provides us with important public health information that the Essex County Health Department wants to be able to share with as many community members as possible. We are encouraging businesses and organizations in Essex County to sign up for the PHENS email notifications. You can do this by clicking on the PHENS link on the homepage.

What is the mobile van?
Our mobile van is a van that goes to different areas and events in Essex County. We supply COVID-19 vaccines and blood pressure monitoring. We are hoping to expand our mobile van for different functions soon. Please check back weekly for our mobile van schedule.